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HolyTrip is an endeavour, created to provide an unforgettable experience to the tourist and pilgirm in you. This is a place, where you, the end user, are in complete control of your visits. You decide where you want to visit, what you want to do, how many days you want to spend and where you want to stay. HolyTrip is well prepared to provide you with that divine experience, in making your trip memorable and one which you will want to share with you friends and loved ones. At, your trip is designed in such a way that attention is given to every minute detail to ensure that your trip is comfortable, memorable and you feel blessed. We take personal care. The Temples featured in our portal are selected based on various inputs from renowned astrologists, who suggest us the ideal dosha nivarthi stalam. We have included Temples of great archaeological and historical value based on suggestions by eminent historians. Renowned Hindu scholars have recommended Temples known for their importance in shaping up of the region and religion. Our team has personally visited all the Temples which are listed to ensure that information given in our website is correct. Our various on-site coordinators who will faciliatate the Darshan at temples have been appointed keeping in mind that YOU get a pleasant & holy experience. They have been selected to ensure that you visit is hassle free and your concentration is only on prayer. Leave everything else to us!!! After a long day visiting Temples and paying your obeisance to the Lord, when its time to take rest, we have hand-picked the hotels based on their proximity to Temples, for the comfort factor provided by the hotels and value for money. We have inspected all the hotels that are being suggested to ensure the stay is comfortable. The other important factor is the transport. Our hired fleet of vehicles are not more than a couple of years old, fully air-conditioned with experienced driver who have thorough knowledge of the route to ensure a smooth & safe ride. Our back-end Operations team who will be coordinating your tour and monitoring your trip have a collective experience of over 100 man-years in the travel field. We strongly believe a happy customer will lead us to 100 more and our team ensures that for every trip is thoroughly planned and executed. Holytrip is a portal where YOU as the end user, are in full control of your "Holy Trip" including the temples that you want to visit, the number of days that you wish to spend and where you want to stay. HolyTrip allows you complete flexibility and customizes the tour plan based on your preferences. You decide where you want to go and what you want to do. HolyTrip will provide you suggestions and recommendations, on the temples that you can visit, towns where you could stay, the choice of hotels available for stay and eat, based on your very own preferences. Holy Trip shall ensure that you and your family get a satisfying darshan in every temples that you visit and feel blessed. Besides the quick darshan organised, archana will be performed and prasadam offered in every temple; in addition, you can choose any additional puja/seva that you are interested. HolyTrip will be responsible for your pleasant and unforgettable travel and guarantees you a satisfying & divine experience.

Why Holytrip?

It is a question that occurs in most, especially young minds, when it comes to visiting a temple or a spiritual place. In these times of rational thought processes, it is but natural that these statements occur frequently in discussions. On the other hand, there is another set of thought dispensers, who believe that getting into spiritual congress is essential for financial and mental well being. We will not discuss who is right and who is wrong, but, everyone would agree that a visit to the temple, provides us with a little peace of mind, even if it is a result of a placebo effect. It is strongly believed and felt by many that in certain spiritual rituals that are held in ancient temples of southern India, there is abundance of negative ions created, on account of the materials used for the rituals, due to the temple design, the materials used for building the temple, such as granite, which energise the body automatically. Those who are spiritually inclined can actually feel the subtle force that is a permanent aspect, affecting positively whoever visits it. The idols are only symbolic, while a temple is constructed based on the Agama Sastra. The dimensions, ratios, the shape, infact everything about the a temple were related to spiritual concepts; the pillars and the gopurams were usually 7-storied, probably an indication the seven cycles of birth. The garba graha, or the inner sanctorum, the outer prakaara and in fact the the whole construction of a temple is indicative that deep within us, is the God's residence. Then there are pillars full of sculptures, of great spiritual souls that existed, as inspiration. Temples are a store house of cosmic energy or prana, the life juice that makes us perform. And it is indeed a blessing, to visit those centuries old installations, stepped upon by a multitude of great souls. For the believers, it is a feeling of unexplainable bliss, a feeling of being one with all, a feeling of being one with the cosmic One. As we indulge, we invite you to join in!

What is Kaala Sarpa Dosha? how is the Nivarana at Srikalahasti temple?

Kaala Sarpa Dosh is all about faulty planetary position, with a snake like formation, found in the person’s natal birth chart. In a dosha like this, the planetary positions are such that Rahu (head of the snake) and ketu (tail of the snake) happen to fall on the beginning and end of the formation, respectively. There are many other ways by which Kaaal Sarpa Yoga can be formed, the moon in the eight house of the natal chart being one of the ways. With no strict rules,to Kaaal Sarpa Dosha , it requires a good astrologer to study the planetary position accurately. The person suffering from Kaala Sarpa Yoga finds it difficult to lead a happy life. It is believed that he/she suffering from Kaala Sarpa Dosha has problems in married life, loss of money and constant health problems. The Dosha can be cured and controlled by offering prayers to Lord Shiva at some chosen destinations. Srikalahasti is one of them. If you believe in the dosha, and wish to correct it , you go for it, it is anyway a holy visit to Srikalahasti temple., a divine change from the mundane.

Lord Krishna ,Janmashtami, Baby Krishna!

Baby Krishna and his favorites: Baby Krishna, was famous for his adorable pranks, for his troubling his mother Yashoda, stealing butter, milk and curds, and bullying his mother, when caught red-handed, he was also known for his fondness for the poor and his carefree playful ways,. On one side he was like any other child of his age, playing all day, stealing butter etc and on the other side he amazed the whole world by his Vishnu Incarnation. When reprimanded by his mother for stealing butter, he opened his mouth wide, and the mother got the view of the whole Universe inside her son’s baby mouth. While he played with all the children of his age, he had a special fondness for the poor boy Kuselar ( Tamil) and Sudama ( Hindi and Marathi). There is an interesting reference of this boy called Kuselar, who was so poor that he could only afford rice flakes as a symbol of friendship to be offered to Krishna, his best pal. This will have a very sentimental and religious connect with the prasadam ( food offered to God during festivities), during Janmashtami or the birth day of Lord Krishna.

Importance of Janmashtami

The verses in the Bhagavad-Gita (a sacred book narrated by Lord Vishnu) say, that whenever there will be predominance of evil and decline of religion, I will reincarnate to kill the evil and to save the good. The main significance of Janmashtami is to encourage goodwill and to discourage bad will. Krishna Jayanti also celebrates togetherness. The holy occasion brings people together, thus it signifies unity and faith.

Lord Krishna – the dairy products lover:

All the delicious prasadams or naivedyam offered to Baby Krishna are milk based and rice flour, black gram dal flour based. Every Tamil Brahmin Household kitchen wafts the tempting flavours of ghee, milk, and jaggery a few days before the festival, and the most authentic ones are rice and lentil flour balls in salt fried in oil with their sweet counterparts slightly bigger marble-sized sweet balls fried in ghee. Along with these tasty goodies Baby Krishna is offered a host of dairy products, like white butter, ghee, milk, curds as well as bananas , betel leaves and coconut. An Interesting offering is some form of poha or aval or rice flakes, that was his poor friend Kuselar or Sudama’s favourite item, some houses prepare kheer or porridge with rice flakes and sugar in milk.