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We welcome your feedback, as it gives us the opportunity to make changes that will bring about an improved service on your pilgrimage to south India. If you would like to comment on issues that concern you or on things we did to impress you, please fill out the information below

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My Divine Experience

 I was working for a well known travel company which had a global presence. Our Head office in Delhi had sent me a mail informing that the Governor of Bali in Indonesia is visiting India with his family and ministers on an official visit and that he would be in Chennai for visit to Tirumala Temple.

 I had coordinated with the Government protocol department to ensure that all the arrangements including VIP services at airport and road clearance for convoy travel was taken care off.

 The group of around 12 members of the Bali Governor’s team and five police personnel for security left from Chennai in the afternoon to Tirupati. On arrival we were put up for stay at Padmavathi guest house for overnight stay.

 The next morning the Executive Officer of Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam came to the guest house to take us to the Temple. We reached the main entrance around 8 am. All other devotees were stopped at the entrance itself and only the 18 of our team and the EO went inside the Temple. In all my innumerable visits to this Temple I have never seen the Temple empty.

 We walked directly from the main gate to the Flag where we prayed. Then we entered the outer ring of the sanctum. The Swarga Vasal gate was opened (As you all know this entrance is always closed during normal darshan). We entered the sanctum sanctorum where the main Jeeyar along with 6 of his assistants showed us deepa aradanai of Sri Venkatachalapati from his head till his toe, the sword on the right bottom side which I did not know existed. We spent nearly ten minutes inside the sanctum sanctorum. The feeling of being inside for such a long time and praying is something I am not able to bring out in words.

 After the darshan we were taken to the vastram room where the cloth used by Sri Venkatachalapathi we placed on our head and the head Jeeyar blessed us.

 In all these years the diving feeling of being blessed by Sri Venkatachalapati with such a long darshan on top of the Seven Hills is still fresh in memory.

 God, or the supreme being, or cosmic intelligence, whatever one may wish to call it, is in constant touch with each one of us.

 Whether we like it or not, if we believe it or not, that is the truth.

 An example, on this subject, to which everyone can relate to, would be a radio receiver. There are thousands of channels or radio stations, broadcasting all over the world. But, unless we go to that place, and then again, tune our radio to that frequency, we are not able to hear the content that is being broadcast.

 The same is the case with spirituality and divine intelligence. We have to be there and tune our built-in radio to that frequency.

 It is also about a human who is spiritually progressed enough to receive that knowledge. A radio does not start receiving even if one resistor or capacitor is missing. Likewise, we do not receive and and are even unaware of such an existence, unless we are at that level of spiritual progression.

 Many of us are at that level of spiritual frequency, or we will not have the inclination towards spirituality.

 And as days pass by, our spiritual search gets us one experience after another. It could be a small gesture of an autorickshaw towing your bike, which stopped without fuel in a deserted stretch of road, at early morning 2 O'clock, to the nearest fuel station. It could also be a matter of life and death, where you were saved by some miraculous intervention.

 We invite you to share your experience with us, in this platform so others could soak in the spiritual sweetness, of the Divine, which is within and without and all pervasive

 Here is something for you to ponder upon.

 "Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it. - Roald Dahl"

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